Dracula: The Dark World Book VI


Dracula’s blood rules all.

        The World reels from tragic events, yet Christian Delacroix and his band of willing Creatures cannot grieve. The Phoenixes of the Nest have bided their time upon the World and finally move to see if the Vampires can be saved—by mixing the blood of Phoenixes with the bloodthirsty Creatures.

         Victor Vonderheide has awakened to a remarkable difference. His heart beats and he shoots magical fyre from his fingertips. When not dodging the black fyre of a Phoenix that doesn’t agree with his new existence, he fights his urges for blood. Yet it is he the Head Phoenix wishes to lead the new breed. But Victor, forced to face his new state in a fast-changing World, is still grieving the loss of his creator. He blames the Vampire now rumored to have taken Xavier’s place as King.

         Alexandria Stone has warmed to her power. She is adept at sending the red light toward her enemies, controlling their blood at her leisure. Yet with news that the Phoenixes search for them, there is the fear that she won’t be able to keep at bay the winged beings’ powerful magic. But there is someone from her past who may be able to help—and they have a familiar magical book to assist her. Time is running out—the Phoenixes close in, their fyre burning everything it touches. To make matters worse, a familiar face with terrifying new power appears, threatening to end the Vampires’ existence as they know it.

It’s a race to learn the truth of her power and defend the Dark World—and all Creatures within it—before the Phoenixes destroy everything Dracula has built.