A being known as Diablero has miraculously reanimated the bones of pirate Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard, and it is moving relentlessly through the dark forests and waterways of northeastern North Carolina. The demon leaves a trail of headless corpses behind as it slowly makes its way through the swamp towards a relic dealer in Williamsburg, Virginia. There it can reacquire what was lost so long ago—the skull that will make it human again.

Reporter Hunter Singleton and park ranger Lisa Singleton, Hunter’s estranged wife, must join forces to battle the presence that is older than mankind. There are others who say they also seek to destroy the demon–but their true intentions may be less than honorable. Only one man knows the true secret of Diablero and he must be found before time runs out. Teach is about to open the gates of Hell on an unsuspecting world–how can mere humans stop the unstoppable?

“Blackbeard is fertile ground for pure evil, and Toby Tate’s Diablero does the subject justice. A well-crafted read.”
– Steve Alten, New York Times bestselling author of The MEG series.

“…an enjoyable modern day take on Blackbeard’s tale.”
– HorrorNews.com