Children of Wrath (Wrath Book 2)


The Fall brought mankind to its knees. After the world war, anarchy reigned across what was once the United States of America.

For nine years, William has lived a quiet life in the west. Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is wild and beautiful, home to wolves, bison, and bears. In a log cabin on the shore of the Lamar River, William has raised his children.

When Tarantula spreads further north, the tenuous peace between territories is threatened. Gideon, a man who believes himself to be a prophet of God, triggers a war. William is propelled into battle again, fighting for his own life and the lives of those he loves the most.. As events spiral out of control, Gideon’s madness threatens to consume the world.

From frozen mountain passes to the high desert, William will battle his own demons and an insidious evil he cannot understand.

How can light defeat darkness when the darkness comes from within?

Children of Wrath is a tale of faith, loss, hope, and war in a smashed America.