Ever been to a big college town on a football Saturday night? Loud drunks glut the streets, swaggering about in roaring, leering, laughing packs, like sailors on shore leave. These nights crackle with a dark energy born of incongruity; for beneath all that smiling and singing sprawls a bedrock of malice.

Erupting from this mean soil is BREW, a novel of survival horror that unfolds in a single, apocalyptic night, when hard-partying College Heights swaps beer pong and karaoke for arson, murder, and cannibalism. An embattled cast of unlikely heroes, including a charismatic drug dealer, a disenfranchised army vet, and a smart, tough-as-leather girl, struggles to survive, while Herbert Weston, the brilliant sociopath who engineered the entire catastrophe, strolls the chaos, fulfilling sadistic fantasies.

One minute, everyone’s having a blast, partying it up after another football victory; the next minute, all those crowded bars, balconies, and house parties look like so many acres of hell.

“BREW is a keg of dark fun and Braddock pops the thing like a shook-up bottle of Bud. It’s got brains and it’s got heart. The late Richard Laymon would have loved this one. Me? I gulped it right down, with no hangover in the morning.” – Jack Ketchum, four-time Stoker Award winner and author of The Girl Next Door and The Lost

“Bill Braddock’s BREW is a heady mix of high-octane horror, razor-sharp characterization, and full-throttle action. Flesh-eating mayhem has never been so intoxicating!” – Tim Waggoner, author of Like Death and The Harmony Society

“If you’re going to chow down on people, you need to wash it down with something delicious. BREW is a deeply satisfying treat of a novel. Scary as hell, deep as the pit, and wickedly enjoyable.” – Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Flesh & Bone and Assassin’s Code

“Hell is having a party, and Bill Braddock is bringing the BREW.” – Craig DiLouie, author of The Infection and Tooth and Nail