Bloody Bloody Bakersfield (Bloody Bakersfield Book 2)


A mysterious sleepwalking sickness spreads like wildfire through “Bloody” Bakersfield, Illinois. Those infected find themselves acting out their darkest nightmares. A shadowy government agency quarantines Bakersfield, isolating the community as it is consumed by the mysterious disease.

Twenty years ago, Mark Davies bore witness to dark magic. Now his memories are so tangled with his nightmares that he can no longer extract the truth from his dreams. When Mark returns to “Bloody” Bakersfield, inexplicable events once again strike the town.

His nephew James, in a somnambulistic trance, climbs the town’s water tower to re-enact a scene from one of Mark’s novels.

A local country music DJ has an on-air breakdown that has him ranting about a time-travelling Jesus before burning the studio to the ground.

A Sheriff’s Deputy suffers vivid flashbacks to the “Holiday Killer” murders of twenty years previous, causing him to believe that the long-dead serial killer has taken possession of his soul.

As the town descends into chaos and violence, Mark and his friends come to suspect that the mysterious epidemic may be connected to the events of twenty years prior. But how can they defeat an evil that comes from within their own minds?

And they can’t stay awake forever…