Blood Soaked and Invaded (Blood Soaked Book 2)


Zombies were bad enough, but now we’re being invaded from all sides. Up to our necks in blood, body parts, and unanswerable questions…

…As soon as the realization hit me, I lost my cool. I curled into the fetal position in a pile of blood, offal, and body parts, and froze there. What in the Hell was I becoming that killing was entertaining and satisfying?

I don’t know how long I was on my side in the remains of my opponents, but the mess was coagulating and getting cold… to say nothing of the smell of sliced-open bowels. There were periodic noises suggesting violence around and about where I was glued to the ground by noxious goop, but I couldn’t even raise my face to take a look around. My brain spun around and around, propelled by unanswered questions and abject horror.

The person I thought I was—a guy who does what he has to do when the chips are down—had been replaced by someone I didn’t know and it made me terribly afraid.

“Frank.” Bajali’s voice came from behind me after a period of no screams, gunshots, epithets or scrambling feet. “Would you like me to help you get up?”

“What have you done to us?” I asked him that because they were the only words I had.

“I made us able to survive a world like this one.”

“Did you think about what it would cost us?”

“No, my friend, I only thought to keep everyone alive. I had no time to debate morality.”…

…“I’m not human,” I asked, “am I?”

“No, Frank. None of us are.”

“Am I still me?”

His breath caught, and I felt the words moving around in his mind, stirring up a miasma of emotions before he said, “I am sorry. I do not know.”