Age of the Dead (Rise Book 2)


A year and a half has passed since the dead rose, and the citizens of Cold Lake are running out of hope. Food and weapons are nearly impossible to find, and the dead are everywhere.

In desperation Cold Lake sends Brian Williams to lead a salvage team into the Rocky Mountains. But outside the small safe zones the world is a foreign place filled with new hardships. Williams and his team must use all of their skills to survive in the wilderness ruled by the dead.

What the team finds in the zombie-haunted mountains will lead them on a desperate adventure through the ice and snow of winter, in search of a possible cure to the mysterious undead contagion.

“RISE left this reader wanting a sequel and that is almost always a good thing.”–28 Days Later Analysis

“[RISE] kept me reading from start to finish and I was definitely entertained.”–Patrick D’Orazio, author of THE DARK TRILOGY