Captain Nate Leathers thought being a soldier on the frontlines in Iraq was hard enough. And when his convoy is attacked and he’s thrown in a dungeon by insurgents, he can’t imagine things can get any worse. But then the world is turned upside down.

When he escapes, Leathers finds the city of Basra shrouded in green mist and under siege from nightmare creatures far more horrific than any terrorist. Walking corpses. Tentacled beasts. Giant slithering things. Ancient creatures risen from the depths.

Alone in the city Leathers will have to draw on all his training to survive, let alone stop the mist from spreading. Monsters beyond imagination are closing in … and some of them are human.

“It’s like DIE HARD’s John McClane fightning zombies and demons.”–Kim Paffenroth, author of the DYING TO LIVE series

“Bryon Morrigan has written an eerily true war story that grabs you on page one, tapping into the mysterious, half-mythological worlds of Barker, Gaiman, and Lovecraft.”–Peter Clines, author of EX-HEROES and EX-PATRIOTS

“Classic survival horror pitting a tough, sarcastic American soldier against an underground world’s unleashed monsters. Prepare yourself for an edge-of-your-seat story that starts with a bang and doesn’t let you go.”–Craig DiLouie, author of THE INFECTION