A Prepper’s Cookbook: Twenty Years of Cooking in the Woods


In a survival situation, fictional or real, there are certain components that are necessary to consider that will insure getting to the other side.

Regardless of the disaster, one must have food, water and shelter in order to live. Taking that just a bit further, you must have food and a means to cook it, water and a means to make it potable, and shelter and a means of heating it.

Deborah D. Moore has been a Prepper for most of her life, long before the term was popular. She believes in being prepared to winter in during the long cold months that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan has to endure. An entire room in her small house is devoted to food and supply storage. She has a well for water, plus a filtration system in the event she has to use creek or rain water. Since her house is small it’s easy to heat with the wood cook stove that at the same time gives her a means of cooking and baking.

Author Deborah D. Moore will take you on a fun, step by step journey to recreate the same meals she makes every day using only what she has stored in her pantry.