50 Weapons That Changed Warfare


From the spear to the nuclear bomb, this is a reckoning of the most significant weapons throughout history.

William Weir, author of 50 Battles That Changed the World, takes another look at the history of warfare by focusing on the hardware that served those famous battles. In this text, you’ll uncover:

  • Crew-served weapons—from battering rams to Big Bertha.
  • Weapons carriers, such as tanks and bombers.
  • Unmanned weapons—punji stakes, Bouncing Betty landmines, trap guns, and more.

50 Weapons That Changed Warfare analyzes the most memorable tools known to man, many of which have had enormous effects on the conduct of war. This book describes the impact of these weapons and how they transformed warfare—from the bloody carnage produced by hand weapons throughout history, to the never used (but universally feared) fusion bomb. Each weapon is not only described, but also illustrated to give a clearer picture of its usage and effects. These weapons have changed not only how we fight…but also why and when.