Rose Garnett

Rose Garnett has two degrees from Edinburgh University: one in English Literature; the other in Scots Law. She is currently a practicing lawyer. She co-wrote a satirical comic strip collection entitled Greg Moodie versus the Union published in 2014, which has sold just under a thousand copies, and she is a weekly contributor to a national newspaper for a cartoon called “The Strip.”

Four of her short stories were published last year in four anthologies: What Goes Around Comes Around, Detectives of the Fantastic, Volume IV, Collected Christmas Horror Shorts, which reached number one in the Amazon UK and US best-sellers chart in December 2016, and The Man Behind The Mask, nominated for best anthology in the 2016 “Indy Awards.”

Rose is the co-creator of three series of a crowd-funded, critically acclaimed satirical animation called “Moodievision” that can be found in an online magazine called Commonspace.

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