Martin King

Martin King is a highly qualified Emmy Award–winning British military historian, author, and lecturer. He has lectured at many British and US colleges, universities, and military bases throughout the world. The History Channel hired Martin as a historical consultant on their series Cities of the Underworld. In 2007, he worked as a historical consultant and writer on the hit series Greatest Tank Battles, one of the most watched military documentary series ever produced.

King is a frequent visitor to the prestigious West Point Military Academy. Widely regarded as a leading authority on European Military History, he is an honorary citizen and chosen cultural ambassador. His campaigning work for World War II veterans was acknowledged by leading military personnel at the Pentagon, who cordially invited him to present his work. He was also invited to the United States Army Heritage and Education Center in 2020 to open a series of lectures. Awarded Services to Education certificates by the USAF and NATO. In 2017, his book The Fighting 30th Division: They Called Them Roosevelt’s SS, was nominated in the USA for the Distinguished Writer Award.

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