Mark E. Rogers

Born in 1952, author-illustrator Mark E. Rogers is best known for the Samurai Cat books: The Adventures of Samurai Cat, More Adventures of Samurai Cat, Samurai Cat in the Real World, The Sword of Samurai Cat, and Samurai Cat Goes to the Movies. The sixth and final installment in the series, Samurai Cat Goes to Hell, was recently published by TOR.

His other books include The Dead, a horror novel about the end of the world, and a number of books set in an alternate universe: Zorachus, its sequel The Nightmare of God, the Blood of the Lamb trilogy The Expected One, The Devouring Void, and The Riddled Man, and most recently, the Zancharthus trilogy, Blood + Pearls, Jagutai and Lilitu, and Night of the Long Knives. One of his novellas, The Runestone, was made into a movie; and The Dead is presently under development as a feature film — with a screenplay by Mark — at KNB-FX.

Mark’s work has been adapted by Marvel comics, and has appeared on the cover of Cricket Magazine; he’s published three art portfolios, and a collection of his pin-up paintings, Nothing But A Smile, from Xenophile Books. Mark lives in Newark, Delaware, with his wife Kate — a philosophy professor at the U of D — and their four lovely kids, Sophie, Jeannie, Patrick, and Nick.

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