Jim Samuels PhD

Jim Samuels holds a PhD in Psychology from Greenwich University. He began helping others improve their memories as a teenager in 1962. He has spent the succeeding years developing and refining his applied philosophical approach to human development. His development of the SORTing™ methodology in 1975 introduced a robust set of techniques that individuals can use to release lifetimes of unresolved stress while greatly increasing their understanding and self-awareness.

Soon after, he turned his attention to the world of business, integrating memory training with a strategic approach to planning and business management. In 1997, he earned the rank of Grandmaster of Martial Arts Philosophy and trained numerous regional, national, and world champions—including Andrew Gainer, a three-time world champion in full-contact freestyle competition.

For the last twenty years he has been consulting for Laguna Components in California, which is a prime contractor for JPL/NASA that has provided electronic components for numerous JPL/NASA projects, including the recent Mars orbiter, lander Perseverance, and helicopter Ingenuity. Currently, they are working on the Europa project.


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