Jerald P. Hurwitz

Jerry Hurwitz is a native of the state of Connecticut, where as a young child he first learned about the bloody assault on Fort Griswold from a tricentennial illustrated history of the state published in 1935. This led to a lifelong passion for learning about the American Revolution. Hurwitz is a graduate of Lehigh University and the University of Connecticut Law School and has been a practicing attorney for forty-five years. He has served as president of the Princeton Battlefield Society for twenty years, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preserving and restoring the Princeton Battlefield. As president, he engaged in a thirteen-year struggle to save a core area of the battlefield from a housing development. He has lectured about and given tours of the Princeton Battlefield. He has also written magazine articles on the Battle of Princeton and on the massacre of Fort Griswold. Hurwitz has been a longstanding member of the Company of Military Historians, the American Battlefield Trust, and the 43rd Regiment of Foot/2nd Pennsylvania Regiment. He currently resides and works near Tampa, Florida.

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