Grant Foxon

Grant Foxon has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. Born in Shrewsbury, which was the birthplace of many alumni including Clive of India and Charles Darwin. He has spent countless hours filling scrapbooks that he just had to write to get out of his system. Whilst at School, he discovered the benefits of playing truant where he could stay at home and spend the whole day watching his favourite videos and writing. Years later, his life has remained consistent.

In 2011, his radio drama ‘Autolysis’ was broadcast to much acclaim. He currently writes regularly for the revue shows News Revue and The Treason Show. He has also written for radio and stage and his two-hander play ‘The Waiting Room’ was a recent winner of the Ideas Tap Dramatic Shorts competition. In 2014 he joined the Media Bitch literary agency.

His Future Failure book series are loaded with high concept sci-fi, horror and ooze the very darkest of black comedy.

He once dreamt he was a butterfly, when he woke up he couldn’t remember if he was a man
that dreamed he was a butterfly, or a butterfly that dreamed he was a man. One thing was certain he knew he wasn’t a moth as the light that morning was too bright for him.

He is currently enjoying life and currently resides in Stoke on Trent close to where a Colin Baker Doctor Who was filmed.

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