Elle Chardou

Elle Chardou is the best selling author of a multitude of novels. She has sold more than sixty-five thousand books in over ten different countries featuring paranormal romance, urban fantasy and contemporary romance.

When she isn’t busy writing about the dangerous and deadly world of vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, and relationships of the non-paranormal kind, she’s coming up with new ideas for novels or planning her next vacation to France.

She is currently working on novels that usually include a hazardous underworld set in urban fantasy or criminals in general.

Elle enjoys daydreaming about her next great idea, visiting friends, traveling to her favorite locales in the world, jet-setting across the country to author signings, and playing taxi driver to her two school-age daughters.

Ms. Chardou currently resides in Las Vegas with her kids and their multitude of stuffed animals.

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