Daniel J. O'Connor

Daniel J. O’Connor has spent twenty-six years in the CIA as an Executive Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) Officer and was the Chief of Security for Five Different CIA Directors of Intelligence (DCI) and their Deputy Directors (DDCI). He served both at home and overseas ensuring that the Directors were protected while they were in office. He had the distinct honor of working with outstanding DCI/DDCI team members and was responsible for their safety and security as well. Separately, he also served abroad for many years in multiple U.S. Embassies in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America and received two medals with distinction from the CIA upon his federal retirement.

Following his Agency career, he ran a small private security firm working with high level corporate executives and ultra high net worth individuals and their families. This work included extensive domestic and international travel. Close collaboration with former U.S. Special Operation Forces (SOF) personnel was essential to success, whose skill and experience are unmatched in their field. Over the last several years, he has focused his time and efforts on creating an exciting action thriller with a fictional premise.

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