Z Day is Here: One Year Later

Author(s): Rob Fox

One year after the initial zombie uprising, the survivors have found safety on top of a mountain. With food supplies dwindling and a drought causing a lack of drinkable water, they make the decision to flee from the mountain and try to find safety elsewhere. After leaving the mountain, they encounter the starving, decaying undead, make new allies, and new enemies. 

Z Day is Here: One Year Later is the second book of the Z Day is Here series.  With the popularity of the first book, a second was ultimately a guarantee. Fans will see where their favorite characters are and will learn the fates of all involved.



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It started with a little boy in South America and spread across the world quickly, much faster than anyone could have imagined. The governments of the world were powerless to stop the spread of the virus that was turning people into the undead. Within a few weeks billions were infected and only a few survivors were left to try and find safety in the world now overrun with zombies. 

This Journal serves as a history book of sorts as one man tries to make his way across a large city in order...