The Zombie Virus

Author(s): Paul Hetzer

Steven McQuinn, a virologist at a top secret army bio research laboratory, races against time to identify a pathogen that is sickening the human race, literally overnight. Torn between his work and his family, who remain hidden in their home and concealed from the unspeakable horror that is being unleashed on mankind, he must make a decision to either continue his work or save his wife and son. The decision is finally forced upon him, and he races home to help his family escape the infection that is quickly devastating the human race. An infection caused by a virus brought back from the dead: a Zombie Virus.

What should have been a day trip to their perceived safe haven leads them into a post-apocalyptic world right out of their worst nightmares. The infected have become no more than enraged animals with an insatiable bloodlust.  Hordes of these once human creatures now stand between his small group and a sanctuary they may never reach. They come to realize that they may have to sacrifice their own humanity to survive in this new terrifying world.


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After a pandemic has turned the majority of the world’s population into blood-thirsty killers, three disparate groups of survivors follow their own internal compass through the desolate and dangerous countryside, invariably drawn to each other like moths to the flame. They discover that even without a virus ravaged mind, the predator that lurks in each of us can bare its savage merciless fangs.