Author(s): David Dunwoody

It has been fifty years since the first Harvest. Hideous creatures, lethal and lightning-fast, were sown into the beds of Earth's oceans eons ago. Now every year, in service to a mad god, they rise from the depths and hunt humans.

Man hides underground in fear of the Harvesters. But he is also sought by other predators: the robots that for years were his companions are now driven to exterminate him in a warped mission of mercy.

In a race against time, a group of humans cross the United States in a desperate plot to destroy the Harvesters before the next cycle. As if psychotic robots, lobotomized cops and flesh-eating nomads weren't enough of a challenge, they may just invoke the wrath of the ancient god itself...


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"Dunwoody creates a dark apocalyptic future that is equal parts high octane action and violent well timed horror that will draw you in, terrify the hell out of you, and then leave you breathless and wanting more."
- Jonathan Moon
"Dunwoody has proven once again why he is the post-apocalyptic master. His plot is tight, the characters are intriguing, and his writing hits the mark every time. THE HARVEST CYCLE will easily be remembered as one of the best books of the year."
- William Todd Rose
"The illicit love child of Lovecraft and Asimov. Never have my concepts of horror and disturbia been pushed so far. Dunwoody has done it again!"
- Benjamin Rogers


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The year is 2112.

The crippled U.S. government and its military forces are giving up the century-long fight against an undead plague. Born of an otherworldly energy fused with a deadly virus, the ravaging hordes of zombified humans and animals have no natural enemies. But they do have one supernatural enemy: Death himself.

Descending upon the ghost town of Jefferson Harbor, Louisiana, the Grim Reaper embarks on a bloody campaign to put down the legions that have defied his touch for so long. He...

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The dead refuse to stay dead. The Reaper is here to put them down.

As winter sets in and America's survivors struggle to rebuild a semblance of civilization, terrifying new enemies are gathering-both in the lawless badlands and within the walls of the safe zone. Most fearsome of all is the "King of the Dead." His zombified troupe of sideshow curiosities is but a fraction of his growing pack.

The Reaper's quest to safeguard the humans he has befriended places him on the trail of these feral...