Tears of the Sowilo (Scars of Tomorrow Book 3)

Author(s): Tom Calen

"When he comes to his enemies,
When he comes to his allies,
they will stand in awe and fear.
And when the Dagaz comes to his people,
his people will weep.”

For more than a century, the fervent believers of the Cohors Ignota sect known as the Sowilo have waited for their savior to arrive. Prophecy promises that the Dagaz’s most dedicated followers will weep when he comes to them. And so they shall.

Crisis now spans the globe.

In Europe, Tilden Garrott, heir to his Family and prized prisoner of the Ignota, struggles with the madness gripping his mind as he manipulates his enemies in an effort to regain the birthright the Council has denied him.

Thousands of miles west, on a tiny island in Lake Erie, Gavin McAvoy, newly-named leader of the resistance, finds himself quite unsuited to the political wrangling required to bring together the mistrusting factions of Ignota and Sowilo. With the arrival of a threat thought dead, the cost of miscalculation is fatal.

Across a different ocean, a leader far more adept at wielding power understands whichever action he takes next, his short list of allies will fade to greater isolation. Caput Xian Hu, and his forced bride Aubrey Garrott, prepare for war with the other Families while facing a deadly challenge from within House Hu.

On the Dead Continent, a land both feared and forgotten, Torrance leads those few brave enough to journey with him into a wild wasteland. He will not accept the destiny forced upon him, but neither will he squander advantage. For the Dead Continent is very much alive. And though it is ruled by warlords and violence, it has an asset the man from the woods cannot forsake. 

Ignota and Sowilo, Alliance and Council, all smell the coming of war in the wind. And all now grasp for position and race for resources before the end begins.

Prophecy promises tears. And tears there shall be. Rivers and rivers of tears.

So continues the battle to control tomorrow’s history.

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The virus spread quicker than anyone could have imagined. Within days, over half the world's population became infected. Now a small band of survivors, led by high school teacher Mike Allard, must learn to live in a world ravaged by the deadly victims of the Tilian Virus.

Weaving together two separate time frames, The Tilian Virus is a tale of humankind's most dire hour. Faced with imminent elimination, humanity's last glimmers struggle to break through the darkness of a pandemic the world has...

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Solace. Shelter. Safety.

For the survivors of the Tilian Virus, they thought their escape would lead them to a new beginning. But the effects of the virus reach far beyond simply infection. A trusted member of the survivors hides a horrible past.

While in the wastelands of America, a new threat grows. The bonds of friendship strain and shatter. And the Tils become more deadly than ever.

The virus was just the beginning. Now the world must face the Tilian Effect.

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Seven years ago, the Tilian Virus swept across the globe. In its wake, billions fell horribly ill…but they did not die. Death would have been a blessing. Instead, friends and loved ones regressed to a primitive state of existence; consumed with one driving instinct—survival. But it was not just the virus’ victims who had changed. 

The world’s few remaining survivors were forced to adapt as well. Teachers and students, farmers and politicians began their own struggle to survive in a world...

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In the year 2060—after decades of war, famine and financial collapse—individual nations ceased to exist, borders were blurred, different currencies were abandoned, and the new world order was complete. The dominion of the Global Alliance, ruled by the heads of the Five Families, had begun.

Now, over a century later, the power of the Global Alliance is absolute. Every aspect of daily life brings the Families more power and more profit. Though there are internal struggles within the Families,...

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Assassination has rocked the Global Alliance. Enemies align, though mistrust gnaws the bonds of fragile alliances. Torrance’s tortured past drives him towards an unwanted future. And a divided rebellion fears casting off the anonymity that has kept it safe for a century. But when the empowered clash, the weak must unite or be crushed. One decision will set the Ignota on an irrevocable course. 

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Two books for the price of one!

It's the 22nd century and the world’s citizens have been pacified in a haze of security and consumerism--can one man from the woods save humanity?

Scars of Tomorrow: Torrance (Book One)
 In 2163 C.E., the absolute power of the Global Alliance is beginning to unravel. The first threads tugged are small, but possess the potential to undo the tapestry—a tapestry woven two millennia ago in deep shadow and bloody conspiracy. Few remember its...