Author(s): James Wolanyk

Those who have lights have power.

    That’s the truth the city-state of Grid 76 has come to know. For years, 76 has been the safest and most decadent bastion of the rebuilt grid fortresses, a far cry from the violence beyond its walls. The Grid is a monument to the tenacity of its citizens, the brutality of urban enforcers, and the engineering brilliance of a man named Peter Fletcher.

    But 76 is changed when Fletcher puts compassion over protocol and shelters two outsiders–a woman named Roux and her sister Sarah. Seemingly innocent at first, Roux’s secrets emerge when hacked military drones and Kevlar-bundled guerrillas appear in pursuit. In the aftermath of the first attack the city's leadership accuses Roux of being more than a refugee. To the urban enforcers, she's a traitor. To Fletcher, she's a second chance to protect the family he once failed.

    Loyalties fracture as defense becomes desperation. With an assault from the outside and mutiny inside, Fletcher must draw battle lines on both sides of the walls.

    In the growing darkness of winter, a new truth emerges. Even the brightest lights eventually burn out.



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Austin Stone has returned to Earth. But before he can
begin to heal from his interstellar adventures, he has to save his home planet from the worst pirates in the galaxy.

Austin had always heard you can’t go home again. He's about to find out how true that is.

Moments after his arrival, Austin barely survives an attack by shadowy forces that are targeting Star Runners and their loved ones on Earth. He rushes to rescue his mother in Georgia, reunites with a hero from his training,...

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Haunted by her lost years, Caroline desperately wants to find justice and move forward with her life. But when Jim Naughton, her spiritual guide from the past, makes contact with her mind, she learns that the nefarious Dr. Sen is still pursuing her. 

Caroline takes refuge with Jim and his new friend, the enigmatic and powerful mystic Luc Redd. Vowing to stop Dr. Sen and his people, together they explore the mystery and power of a metaphysical...

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A post-apocalyptic train, rogue military units, family tension, dissention in the ranks, a world full of zombies and a four year old boy.

Victor Tookes already has his hands full as he heals from the injuries of Atlanta. Now, with no ammunition and half the country to cross, He’s faced with a choice. Stop for ammunition, or continue on, hoping they don’t run into any more trouble. It’s an obvious choice for Vic. The heroes need to find a large ammunition storage facility.

This fourth...

Large walkingonmars ebookcover

At the Russian base, Vostok, located in the coldest spot in Antarctica, scientists are drilling into a subterranean lake, located 3000 feet below the frozen surface. These scientists are testing elaborate drilling gear destined for eventual use on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.
Journalist Samantha Bloodworth has been sent to cover the operations when an underwater volcano located at Deception Island 1000 miles away explodes, causing vents to open all over Antarctica. A vent near the...

Large 9781682613191

They call it Deadland. 

Australia's surviving humans now live on the brink of extinction, having lost the war for survival a decade ago. Intelligent zombies rule the world, but humanity has found a way to carry on by feeding the undead a diet consisting of the living bodies of cloned humans. 

These humans, born and bred to satiate the zombie's hunger for flesh, are known as Tankbread. 

An outlaw courier makes his trek through Deadland in an effort to save humanity...

Large walkingonmarsserial pink ice ebookcover copy

Flaviu Cebanu, a celebrated but controversial artist, has set his sights on Antarctica for his latest endeavor. Flaviu travels to the ice-covered continent on board his yacht, The Impressive, along with a film crew and his two companions, Japanese twin girls half his age. 
Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth, a journalist assigned to cover the event is offered the opportunity to view it from on board his yacht. As a journalist, she plans to observe and write the best article she can,...

Large horroratthelake ebookcover

In THE LEGACY OF HORROR, Susan Runcan wants to clear the name of her famous archeologist grandfather Lindon Runcan. He died fifteen years earlier, his career under a cloud of suspicion. Although Lindon claimed thieves stole the ancient artifacts from his last expedition in Egypt, depriving the Egyptian government and his backers of the spoils, Lindon stole them himself. She found out as a child about this secret. Susan inherits these artifacts from her grandfather's estate after her uncle...

Large sleepers iii

It has been a year and a half since a tragic event took the lives of the children and the Sleeper virus cascaded out of control causing those infected to be more deadly than any disease.

Life is divided as what’s left of humanity struggles to divert extinction.

Alex Sans leads a growing group of survivors who find sanctuary in a place they call Grace. It is a daily struggle to return to some sort of normalcy despite the dangerous world just outside their walls. They are succeeding,...

Large ressurect ebookcover  3

Nearly two months after a kidnapping, brutal gang attacks and the death of the only man she had ever loved, Avery Whitlock believed she could survive anything—until she crossed the Tennessee border and straight into hostile territory. Hunted by a ravenous pack of mutated Withered, she stumbled right into the military’s crosshairs.

Avery discovered a group of survivors concealed within the ruins of the once Grand Ole Opry Hotel. Although protected by high walls of debris and ample...

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Bexar and his friends are caught between the ravenous mobs of the undead and the vicious humans who want to rule the wreckage of civilization with fear and blood. 

The war continues on many fronts:

Torn between a mission of impossible odds and his family, Bexar’s standoff with Cliff escalates to the point of no return -- in a Colorado town. 

Hundreds of miles away, Jessie, Sarah, and Erin enter the strange new world of survivors, living in a secret underground government...