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Legends and old wives tales hold a truth-but we've forgotten the chaos that lies behind them. Strange worlds and creatures lie all around us. Humanity was once a slave, and is still the prey of creatures no one dreamed existed. The universe is much darker and stranger than we can ever imagine. Our world borders a multiverse and the walls are dangerously thin. Now, it is collapsing, a seething abyss is swarming in, and nothing will ever be the same again. Some children are adepts-mutants...

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Visions of pulp era heroes fill his thoughts, all of which fade as he grows up. Working as an engineer for the military, he unexpectedly ends up investigating crashed alien craft. A strange find leads to his termination, but he returns a year later, and pulls off a bloody heist. Fleeing into the wilderness, death, madness, and the violent return of creatures from beyond this world all await. 

“Think X-Files crossed with the fabulous Alastair Reynolds, and you’ll begin to get...

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Aug 07

Down Highways in the Dark...By Demons Driven

Book Trailer from Author Dan Henk

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Apr 22

The Black Seas of Infinity Book Trailer

from author Dan Henk