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While fighting an invasion of the Pacific coast by creatures serving the entity called Tulxatash — the Shadow in the Deep —a sudden disaster leaves Alex St. John lost in time and space, stranded in a bleak future of drowned cities and a dying world.  

Alex bands together with a handful of survivors in a desperate bid to undo the damage and turn back Tulxatash’s flood. Battling despair, madness and an army of murderous humanoid fish-creatures, they try to save...

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Alex St. John is the Shepherd, a goddess’s champion who protects the world from things that go bump in the night. Now he’s caught in a war between billionaire Roger Dandridge, a family of brutal street thugs, and a motorcycle gang made up of millennia-old demons. A beautiful woman holds the key, and Alex must help her reclaim a lost heritage that could save the world—or doom it.

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“Are You the Shepherd?”

Working for a crummy Portland newspaper, Alex St. John thought his life was at a dead-end. But when a madman’s nonsensical question sends him in pursuit of a serial killer, Alex finds himself in a nightmare world of violence and occult mysteries. With the help of eccentric writer Damien Smith, he discovers the murders are the work of a modern-day cult seeking to resurrect ancient evil—the demon-god known to Native Americans as Onatochee.


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Mar 03

Lighting the Dark Cosmos of Lovecraft and Howard

by Anthony Pryor