The Plan (Roads Less Traveled Book 1)


Ask yourself this: If the dead rise tomorrow, are you ready? Do you have a plan?

The dead rose, and the living quickly realized that Hollywood-style tactics were the quickest way to find yourself one of the walking dead.

Kasey, a strong-willed loner from West Virginia, and Ben, a college student from Pennsylvania, have shared an unlikely friendship over the years. And their bond is stretched to its limits when society collapses under a tide of zombies. But Kasey has something she likes to call The Zombie Plan. While Ben sets out for West Virginia, taking with him a ragtag group of friends, Kasey prepares for their long-term stand against the deadheads at her home in the mountains.

But every plan has its weaknesses, and the youths are unaware that a freight train of tragedy is bearing down on them all. In the darkness that follows, Kasey’s Plan slowly unravels: friends lost, family taken, their stronghold reduced to ashes.

“C. Dulaney didn’t reinvent the wheel, but goddamn if she didn’t send it spinning down interesting paths. I’m invested now… what’s going to happen next?”
—Thom Brannan, author of LORDS OF NIGHT,
co-author of SURVIVORS

“If you’re addicted to zombie literature, this one’s for you. C. Dulaney’s ROADS LESS TRAVELED: THE PLAN is crafted with such beautiful and terrifying scenes, you’ll think you are one of Kasey’s friends, running from the dead and preparing to live in a dark new world. Her prose crackles off the pages and into the mind’s eye. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be clamoring for more from this exciting new author!”
—Clyde Wolfe, author of DOWN DARKENED PATHS