The Blood of Redemption (Horror at the Lake Book 3)


In this final journey of the Horror at the Lake trilogy, Susan Runcan returns to Lake Masley to sell the property. She never wanted to see the place again, but she needs the sale to shore up her dwindling funds.

Circumstances force her to stay at the hotel in the village, prolonging what she hoped would be a quick end to her business. The once quaint hotel has been remodeled, but nothing can erase the tragic memories of that terrible night twenty years ago. The one saving grace of her stay is the good-looking son of one of the guests–but even that dalliance has unintended complications.

Now it seems that someone wants to prevent her from selling her property and she soon finds herself mired in murder. Worse, the savagery of the crimes leads her to believe a vampire has committed them. But who would do this, and why?

She has to stop the killing before anyone connects her to the victims. As she delves deeper for answers, she discovers the secret of her grandfather’s legacy, and the truth that she has been searching for.