Sleepers 2


Following the death of her son, Mera Stevens gathers the courage and strength she needs to trek across a dying country in search of her daughter. She is joined by others on this mission, including Alex Sans.

After they find Mera’s daughter they begin their search for the New Jerusalem, a urban legend said to hold the cure and hope. Their journey is not easy and they learn their most deadly obstacles are the infected, known as Sleepers.

Their journey does not end as they hope.

In Sleepers 2, Alex is left behind to take over and he soon discovers nothing is as it seems, including the ‘New Jerusalem’. The origin of the virus comes to light and Alex and the group fight to find salvation in a dark dangerous world.
A world that is far from ending. A world that thrives but not with human life.

The Sleepers now mass and more than that, they have awakened into their next deadly phase