Sad Wings of Destiny


There comes a time for a superhero when just punching a bad guy in the face just isn’t enough.

Spring-Heeled Jack has reached that point. Not that he doesn’t enjoy the way his nanotech-enhanced fists have made their mark on the underworld, but he knows he could do so much more. His partner, the Archon, knows Jack means well, but he doesn’t have the answers he needs to make a decision, and the archangel Uriel, to whom he is bound, has been silent on the matter.

Their boundaries are stretched to the limit when a new supervillain appears on the scene and changes the way the game is played. Some bad guys want to be rich, some want to rule the world… the Tyrant wants to bring an end to everything… and he’s got the means to do it.

Spring-Heeled Jack and the Archon will save the day, of that there is no question. But what will be the cost? Ideals and people will be cast to the side, and when the time comes, a terrifying choice must be made. This is what happens when the abyss gazes back.

“Once again, Thom Brannan puts his very unique stamp on a beloved genre. A gritty, uncompromising take on superheroes. You won’t find spandex and happy endings in this world.” -C.Dulaney, author of the Roads Less Traveled series.