Rings of Fire: A Thriller


Patrick Featherstone—hero of Sea of Fire—frantically tries to unravel a plot by North Korean terrorists to destroy the Tokyo Olympics.

In Rings of Fire, former Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) sniper Patrick Featherstone has been hired as the Head Security Consultant for the Tokyo Olympics based on his success in thwarting a plot to foment a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula. He joins up with his old friends from Sea of Fire: Tyler Kang, another former JSOC sniper, and Jung-hee Choy, former North Korean computer hacker. They are joined by the young and beautiful FBI agent Kirsten Beck, and together they frantically try to decipher a series of messages that have been sent to Patrick just before a series of terrorist attacks, which they are sure will culminate in a cataclysm during the awards ceremony on the final day of the Tokyo Games.

Advance Praise for Rings of Fire

“A stunning look behind the border walls of North Korea”
—Mark Greaney, #1 NYT bestselling author of One Minute Out

“Fast-paced and exciting, Gregory Shepherd’s expertise on the Far East shines through on every page. Everything a thriller should be!”
—Ward Larsen, USA Today bestselling author of Assassin’s Run

“You can taste the grit and hear the rifle’s crack as our intrepid JSOC sniper, Patrick Featherstone, is back to support and defend the frontier in Rings of Fire, the must read of 2020.”
New York Times bestselling author, Lt. Col. Hunter Ripley (“Rip”) Rawlings

“Unstoppable. A geopolitical thriller that gathers speed like an avalanche.”
—Timothy Hallinan, author of the Poke Rafferty series and the Junior Bender series