Phoenix: A Roads Less Traveled Novel


“PHOENIX is the kind of psychological thriller you don’t expect in a tale of the zombie apocalypse; Dulaney’s got parallel paths to hell, and they’re all great rides.” -Thom Brannan, author of SAD WINGS OF DESTINY and LORDS OF NIGHT

They know the end is coming, and they know who is behind it. They think they have a Plan. A way to stop the men and women who are trying to destroy every single human being on the planet. Only those who are Special will be spared, and only they will be left to fight for the fate of their kind. Except… we already know that even the best-laid plans usually unravel in spectacular ways.

In PHOENIX, the Roads Less Traveled universe is expanded in unexpected ways, the events of which take place parallel to the events of Books One, Two, and Three. We will follow a new cast of characters, led by Brad Lincoln… though you may receive a visit from some old, familiar faces. Those of you who have followed the series will recognize our protagonist, Brad, from the ending of SHADES OF GRAY. It is his story we will see, and how his team fought to the very end to save us all.

And you will also find that Kasey, Brad, and everyone they hold dear may be in for a world of hurt down the road…

“Crisp, elegant prose makes this zombie novel stand well above its peers…” – R. Thomas Riley, author of IF GOD DOESN’T SHOW and THE MONSTER WITHIN IDEA

“In the latest Roads Less Traveled book, C. Dulaney mixes in a little bit of The Dead Zone and a dusting of Fringe to give a bold new flavor to the zombie apocalypse.” –Peter Clines, author of the EX-HEROES series and 14