Mercy in the Shadows: From the Journals of Samantha Bloodworth (Walking on Mars Serial 9)


A frantic radio message comes into the McMurdo base in Antarctica from a group of terrified people claiming to be trapped at an old military installation on the coast–yet there is no record of any bases being where the distress call originated.

A search team is quickly assembled. Thinking there is a story there, journalist Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth talks her way onto the mission. Once they get to the coast, they discover an old WWII submarine pen–and they hear screams coming from deep inside.

Huge doors are found at the back where the screaming is coming from. But when the search teams gets the doors open, no one is there. They enter an enormous room–only to have the doors close behind them, trapping them inside.

And their only company is piles of skeletons, decayed clothing and the belongings of people who were apparently trapped and left to die there decades ago