Mad Swine (Book 1)


People refer to the infected as “zombies,” but that’s not what they really are. Zombie implies the infected have died and reanimated. The thing is, they didn’t die.

They’re still alive; they even breath. They’re just not human anymore.

Screams and a pulled fire alarm transform Matt Danzig’s average day in the university admissions office to anything but normal. After witnessing a colleague attacking a student with his teeth, Danzig begins a hectic journey to find his kids, his wife, and perhaps a much darker version of himself than he ever expected.

As the infection spreads and crazed hordes–dubbed “Mad Swine”–take over the cities, Danzig and the residents of Randall Oaks find themselves locked in a desperate struggle to survive in the new world.

“Extremely well-written … the story and characters kept me turning the pages faster and faster.”–

“An excellent addition to the zombie subgenre… will make you look at the swine flu in a whole new light!”—Jessica Meigs, author of THE BECOMING