Dead Winter (Mad Swine Book 2)


Three months after the beginning of the Mad Swine outbreak, the residents of Randall Oaks have reached their breaking point. After surviving the initial outbreak and a war waged with their neighboring community, Providence, their supplies are severely close to depletion. With hostile neighbors at their flanks and hordes of infected outside their walls, they have become prisoners within their own community. When new allies arrive with an old friend, the brave men and women of Randall Oaks will be faced with the decision to stay within the confines of the community only to die of starvation or to leave the safety of their walls in pursuit of a promise land, the survivors must make their choice—and face a new enemy unseen. Will the remaining members of Randall Oaks continue to survive the apocalypse or will it be a Dead Winter?

“I am definitely hooked on this new series; [it’s] a brutal introduction to an apocalypse that will leave you feeling like you’ve been dragged across broken glass & a salted highway.”–Ursula K. Raphael, The Zombiephiles on MAD SWINE: THE BEGINNING

“[Mad Swine: The Beginning is] a solid, action filled apocalyptic saga with interesting characters and a storyline that has me intrigued and curious about what happens next.”–Patrick D’Orazio, author of COMES THE DARK

“Paints a bleak picture of what life could be like in the first few weeks and months of an outbreak. MAD SWINE: THE BEGINNING is well worth the read.”–