Dark Titan Journey: Wilderness Travel (Dark Titan Book 2)


The Ultimate Prepper’s Adventure Classic continues!

Nathan Owens was far, far from home when the long-predicted Coronal Mass Event threw the continental U.S. back to an irradiated Stone Age. Nathan has been a prepper all his life… but just how prepared can one man be when faced with a two-thousand-mile walk through hell itself?

At first his only companion is his loyal German Shepherd… but along the way, he encounters friends and allies, almost against his will. Ultimately he comes to understand: What’s the point of surviving if you’re alone?

What’s more, Nathan is starting to believe Armageddon wasn’t an accident of nature; crucial information has been withheld from the public. But how can he prove that? And what will it mean to his group?

He’s already laid his life on the line for his group. Now, as he reluctantly leads them across the hellscape of what was once the United States, he has to ask himself: What else is he willing to do for them?

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“A well-written and very informative look into what could happen!”

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