Dark Titan Journey: Sanctioned Catastrophe (Dark Titan Book 1)


Nathan Owens is a reserve officer for the sheriff’s department, as well as a part-time ER nurse at the local hospital. He is also a founding member of a prepper group that owns a thousand acres on the northern Idaho-Montana border. They use it for a hunting ranch, but it’s really their bug-out area.

Nathan learns that the government has called an alert for all forces, even those overseas. Hours later, the Earth is hit with a coronal mass ejection. The CME causes several orbiting satellites carrying plutonium and uranium to detonate. The electromagnetic pulses that result throw the world into chaos–planes plummet from the sky and massive explosions fill the air.

Now Nathan and a group of locals must band together to survive the aftermath of the apocalyptic event. His number one priority is to get on the road and get back to his prepper family, a journey of 2,600 miles on foot. However, Nathan first must help arm the locals with weapons and enough knowledge so they can survive on their own. Over the course of the next few crucial days, he does just that—and in the process makes lifelong friendships.

Join Nathan on his journey home.