Dark Titan Journey: Finally Home (Dark Titan Book 3)


The country is broken. The borders have been breached. And only Nathan and his prepper compatriots have a chance to put it back together.
The long-predicted Coronal Mass Event transformed the U.S. into an irradiated Stone Age, populated by gangs and victims. But Nathan has been a prepper all his life… and he’s been helping the few who are still strong and smart enough to survive.

The fighting doesn’t stop. Troops from Europe and China are invading the coasts; U.N. thugs are controlling the remnants of the U.S., while the broken Congress throws out the Constitution and moves to confiscate guns and ration food. Nathan must make it back to his redoubt where his family and other preppers are waiting for his leadership … and along the way he must keep safe the children he’s rescued and Jasmine, the love of his life.

The world – what’s left of it – will never be the same.

The Ultimate Prepper’s Adventure Classic continues!

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“A well-written and very informative look into what could happen!”

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