Bones of Ohio: From the Journals of Samantha Bloodworth (Walking on Mars Serial 1)


In the scientific and educational field of paleontology, Dr. Randall Tikken has few peers. His research and finds have set new standards for uncovering and restoring fossils throughout the world. He and his team of researchers and students, including doctoral student Mamie Johanssen and Master’s student Haruka “Snow” Yukimara have unearthed an amazing cache of fossils, including a whole skeleton of the lystrosaurus. Antarctica had at one time been a lush, warm place and provided a home for these amazing dinosaurs who survived a nearly total destruction of all life on earth at the end of the Permian era.
Sam has traveled to this site at the famed Ohio Range located near the Western Ice Shelf, at the base of the enormous escarpment of stone called Discovery Ridge. It is clear to Sam, and her colleague on this trip, Dr. Zalmas, that Tikken has made some sort of extraordinary find and is anxious to release the information to the world. Zalmas had come along to look at the evidence of the find, and decide if it is possibly an actual find as Tikken sees it. Sam, because the find is not deemed ready for public knowledge, has been denied access to the information.
Late that night, Sam sees Tikken and Zalmas heading to the base of Discovery Ridge. She, along with Snow Yukimara follow them to see what the mystery is all about. They are discovered following the two scientists and Tikken is adamant that Sam be shown the find. Zalmas apparently knows what Tikken has found, however, clearly is not believing what he says it is, however, agrees to let Sam and Snow accompany them. Tikken leads them to a cavern deep beneath the towering spire of stone that is Discovery Ridge. Tikken, and Snow agrees when she sees the cavern, that is was probably created during a rare but large seismic event that occurred in the area some 10,000 years ago.
Deep inside the eerie cavern Tikken reveals some extraordinary carvings and even a shard that Zalmas reluctantly admits was verified as an actual artifact from nearly 10,000 year ago. Sam asks Tikken who he thinks might have been there so long ago and left such extraordinary finds since everyone in the scientific communities are all in agreement that no people, prior to the 1700s had ever set foot on Anatarctica. He claims, it was the survivors of Atlantis and prepares to announce that to the world, and, will stake his reputation on it.
Sam is overwhelmed and amazed with his claim, however, one of Tikken’s assistants is not as convinced as he and takes extraordinary steps to prevent the find from being released to the world.