Blue Plague: Decisions (Blue Plague Book 5)


Bruce has saved thousands and forged them into an awesome fighting force. Now they must destroy forty million smart, fast, undead maniacs if they hope to save the world.

The human gangs that preyed on the survivors of the apocalypse have been defeated and scattered; they live in fear of Bruce’s clan and their overwhelming weaponry. Now it’s time to begin the long, violent process of taking back the country, one dead zombie at a time.

Rebuilding civilization isn’t going to be easy. But if anybody can do it…

The clan has rescued the few remaining survivors of the mortal marauders. They have gathered military hardware from choppers to rocket launchers and beyond. And they’ve taken over the drones and satellite network from the factionalized remains of the U.S. government, locked in internal conflict with an increasingly fascist and evil Homeland Security.

It’s time to take control… and eliminate millions of Infected.

They are violent and unstoppable. And they are far from mindless – they can think. They can heal from most wounds. And worst of all: they can reproduce.

It’s time to confront the Infected. There are millions coming for them – a megahorde that must be wiped off the planet before the rebuilding can begin.

Is it possible? Will anyone survive? Bruce and his battle-hardened battalions will make it work… or die trying.