Beach of Bones (Empath Book 1)


Quinn is an empath–but if anyone finds out she will be killed.

Her father Baron Sammah has secretly used her abilities to fortify his position in the court at the royal city of Everfell. As Quinn grows up she starts to question Sammah’s motives. Then, the young Lord Eden arrives at the court, and Quinn’s life is turned upside down. Seeing a chance at being not just happy, but normal, Quinn risks incurring Sammah’s wrath as she dances along the lines of obedience and rebellion.

As Sammah begins to make his move on the crown he has coveted for so long he stages a series of murders that threaten to expose Quinn as the outsider she is–while Lord Eden, desperate to prove himself, leads the hunt for the murderer.

Can Quinn stop Sammah before he closes his fist around the Everfell crown, without losing her love – or her life?