Awakening the Mare (Fall of Man Book 1)


The Sybaris have been on Earth for thousands of years. For generations the ancient alien civilization of vampires ruled the land–until the day man said “no more” and forced the Sybaris into hiding. Then they emerged only in darkness, scrapping for any blood that they can get. The less they ate, the more savage they became, until once again they enslaved man. Humans are placed in sheltered communities, and after years of plague and war, the people embrace their safe and fruitful lives–even at the price of freedom.

Vala is different. The Sybaris know it and she knows it. She believes there is a better life and freedom outside and she is bound and determined to get there. She will discover that along with her resolve, she possesses the ultimate power that can bring down the Sybaris and send them back to the shadows once and for all