The Grid (1995 Book 2)

Publication Date: 08/16/2016

D.A. MacQuin picks up where she left off in her science fiction novel, 1995. In this compelling paranormal tale, Caroline Hauser travels from New York City to her home state of Missouri after escaping the underground organization that tapped into her mind and held her captive for ten years. Meanwhile,…

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Follow Me Home (The Five Flames Book 1)

Publication Date: 08/02/2016

Tessa Taylor thought she left her past behind—until evil followed her home. It begins as whispers across her mind, and a voice reminding her of a painful past. Then come the nightmares, blinding visions of bloodlust and vengeance. Now Tessa is in a fight for her own sanity as she…

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Assuming Room Temperature (Keep Your Crowbar Handy Book 3)

Publication Date: 07/19/2016

Kat doesn’t know whether she and the crew can survive the apocalypse—or be doomed to stagger woodenly about, slowly assuming room temperature. Life in the zombie apocalypse blows. Just ask Katherine Cho and her friends. The unlikely crew of the Screamin’ Mimi thought they'd seen everything. Hungry corpses rising from…

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Hauntings of the Kentucky State Penitentiary (Hauntings Book 1)

Publication Date: 07/19/2016

The Kentucky State penitentiary opened its heavy iron gates to the condemned over 100 years ago—yet many of them, long deceased, still walk its corridors. Noted paranormal researcher Steve E. Asher provides true, first-hand accounts of the paranormal as well as his own personal experiences at the state’s most violent,…

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1995 (Book 1)

Publication Date: 07/12/2016

A secret government group has been kidnapping people with extra sensory abilities. Was Caroline Hauser one of their victims? 1995. Caroline Hauser is an aspiring writer and recent college graduate who moves to New York City's Lower East Side. Caroline’s latent psychic abilities are unleashed as she senses a malevolent…

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Deadly Independents (Independents Book 4)

Publication Date: 06/28/2016

Plague, Famine, and War have taken their toll on the kids living in Independents. Now the survivors of the apocalypse await the final horseman. Death is coming and no one is safe from the monster that haunts Jimmy’s waking dreams. After Billy disappeared the night that War burned Main Street…

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New Salem (Bloody Bakersfield Book 3)

Publication Date: 06/21/2016

It’s Halloween weekend in the bloodiest little town in Illinois, and the good citizens of Bakersfield are already on edge. The memory of the sleepwalking sickness is still fresh in their minds—so when a photo from a botched home birth accidentally goes viral, the simmering tensions explode. The still-born infant…

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Mortal Death (The Vamp Saga Book 1)

Publication Date: 06/15/2016

A Beautiful Half-Breed Manon has always walked between two worlds. The daughter of a witch and a vampire, she is neither fully human nor truly immortal–while inside a Vegas casino she’s just a sweet temptation dealing out cards. Until one hot night when a different sort of gambler comes her…

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Little Sister

Publication Date: 06/07/2016

For her seventh birthday Lucinda’s grandfather sends her a homemade doll. Her mother Sharon had a little sister once—and now Lucinda has a “little sister” of her own. Sharon is a single mother living in a small Texas town. Deke, the boyfriend who recently moved into her house is not…

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Apparitions: The Strange Guests at the Mallard Hotel

Publication Date: 05/17/2016

The allegedly-haunted, 100-year-old Mallard Hotel sits on a dramatic ocean-side cliff, just north of San Francisco. The modern ghost hunters of the Peter Wren Agency have been called in to determine, once and for all, if the paranormal events are real. Skeptical reporter Martin Stewart, along with his fiancée Seville,…

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