Deep thoughts with the Poetic Zombie

By Alessia Giacomi

Welcome friends! Most of you know me as A.Giacomi, Author of the upcoming Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl Series. I’m also known affectionately as The Poetic Zombie, this is my alter ego and I’m very excited to be bringing her to life (more like back to life) on a monthly basis! Join me here at Permuted Press for a monthly diary entry all about life as an undead teenage girl…you thought living was easy? You thought wrong…braaaaaains…

• • •

Dear Diary,

Something bad happened last night, and no I’m not talking like a big zit appeared or I ruined my favourite shoes. I’m talking really bad! I met Jimmy at the mall after school, and he didn’t look too well. I figured we should cancel our date but he kept insisting that he was fine. When we passed the food court Jimmy threw up all over the floor. Everyone was watching and some people were laughing. I could tell he was mortified so I quickly took him into the bathroom with me to clean him up. As I was about to wipe away the nasty chunks all over his shirt, can you believe he had the nerve to pounce on me? Like that was a really romantic moment or something?

Anyway, what I thought was a kiss ended up being a bite. He freekin’ bit my neck like some psycho vampire! When I pushed him away I realize that Jimmy was not so Jimmy anymore. He looked lost or hungry or brain-dead. Maybe all three? I left him in the bathroom and ran home holding my neck which burned from the bite mark. Worst date ever!

So I went home and listened to One Direction on my iPod, which always calms me down. I dreamt of Harry Styles as I drifted off to sleep. He’s that dreamy!!!

I woke up this morning with my stomach grumbling so loud that it scared me. When I went to get ready for school I realized that I didn’t look too rested. I had really dark circles around my eyes and my skin looked yucky pale. I threw on like twelve layers of bronzer before heading downstairs for breakfast. My mom had bacon and eggs ready but I honestly couldn’t stop staring at the raw bacon, it was like calling to me, so when my mom wasn’t looking I ate like five pieces of raw bacon! I know gross right?!

The whole way to school I felt like people were staring at me, but not only that it took me forever to walk there. I was even late for my first class and Mr. Burton totally scolded me in front of the whole class, saying he wanted to speak to me after school. So embarrassing!

I didn’t eat lunch all day, but I kept watching people eat. Something about the people made me hungrier than the actual food.

Fast forward to the end of the day, I go see Mr. Burton who was still scowling when I walked in, and I swear he was talking about something like “punctuality is important” blah blah blah, but at one point I can’t hear him anymore. It was like in Charlie Brown when the teacher just starts going “whomp whomp whomp.” The thing that I did next was very awful. I’m not sure how it happened, but I jumped on Mr. Burton, just like Johnny did the day before…only thing is I ate Mr. Burton…I don’t mean had a light snack…I like ate the entire Mr. Burton. I might have left a few bones, but even those were pretty good.

After that I went straight home and have been hiding in my room ever since. Now I’m just writing trying not to think about what I just did. I hope I don’t get in trouble, my parents are gonna kill me!

• • •

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