Wrath and Redemption

Author(s): Sean T. Smith

The world, or what is left of it, is at war again. When the Tsar turns his eyes to the west, New America must defend itself against the onslaught of Russian forces. From the scorched Saharan desert to the Siberian tundra and the mountains of Alaska, heroes will battle for the future of mankind.

Is it worth losing your soul to save the world?

Ryder travels to Switzerland with a small team to obtain the cure for Tarantula, but the Swiss have been harboring a terrible secret which now threatens the survivors of The Fall. General Leo Petrovich is a loyal soldier, but unwilling to obey the power hungry Tsar, and the fate of the world hinges upon his honor. William, thousands of miles from Crystal and Ryder, will fight with everything in him to stop the coming invasion, but will it be enough? Can Crystal survive the living nightmare her life is destined become? Is mankind doomed to repeat the cycle of violence and destruction that has already pushed humanity to the brink, or is there the hope of redemption?  

Evil never surrenders. It must be destroyed.

Wrath and Redemption is the sweeping conclusion to the Wrath trilogy.


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Large objectsofwrath ebookcover

After the bombs rain down, the entire world is an open wound; it is in those bleeding years that William Fox becomes a man. William flees with his family to Magnolia, a farm in Tennessee, while America descends into madness, anarchy, and death. With the aid of elite Special Forces units, Magnolia emerges as beacon of hope and stability. But evil is hungry and relentless. A new threat stalks the Earth. To save his people, and perhaps all of humanity, William must be more than a lethal soldier;...

Large children of wrath ebookcover

The Fall brought mankind to its knees. After the world war, anarchy reigned across what was once the United States of America.

For nine years, William has lived a quiet life in the west. Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is wild and beautiful, home to wolves, bison, and bears. In a log cabin on the shore of the Lamar River, William has raised his children.

When Tarantula spreads further north, the tenuous peace between territories is threatened. Gideon, a man who believes himself to be a prophet of...