The Legacy Of Fear

Horror at the Lake (A Vampire Tale)

Author(s): Vanessa A. Ryan

In THE LEGACY OF HORROR, Susan Runcan wants to clear the name of her famous archeologist grandfather Lindon Runcan. He died fifteen years earlier, his career under a cloud of suspicion. Although Lindon claimed thieves stole the ancient artifacts from his last expedition in Egypt, depriving the Egyptian government and his backers of the spoils, Lindon stole them himself. She found out as a child about this secret. Susan inherits these artifacts from her grandfather's estate after her uncle is murdered. Her grandfather's legacy includes a mysterious gold medallion, as well as his stately home in the mountain town of Lake Masley.

As the last of the Runcans, she feels duty-bound to restore her grandfather's reputation. Because she inherits his handwritten notebooks, she decides to write his biography. She comes to the lake, hoping to learn the reason why her grandfather risked his career for these artifacts, but finds a town gripped with fear and ruled by rumors. A handsome neighbor intrigues her, while the elderly ones make her wary. While surrounded by betrayal and murder, what Susan discovers will change her life forever.

The Legacy Of Horror is the first novel in the vampire trilogy, The Horror At The Lake.



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Large trailofterror ebookcover

In one terrible night, Susan Runcan loses her friends, loved ones, the mansion she inherits and the medallion, with its mysterious powers so coveted by her late grandfather. But she has no time to grieve. Especially when she realizes she's a vampire and shedding tears made of precious blood will weaken her. The new challenges ahead will test her endurance and take all her strength. 

Another vampire is sabotaging her, laying the blame on her for his murders. She has to find a better...

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In this final journey of the Horror at the Lake trilogy, Susan Runcan returns to Lake Masley to sell the property. She never wanted to see the place again, but she needs the sale to shore up her dwindling funds. 

Circumstances force her to stay at the hotel in the village, prolonging what she hoped would be a quick end to her business. The once quaint hotel has been remodeled, but nothing can erase the tragic memories of that terrible night twenty years ago. The one saving grace of her...