The Creator Code

Author(s): Rob Shelsky

A bizarre radio burst from an exploding black
hole brings a cryptic message from another universe. Its arrival triggers
powerful forces to fight for the incredible prize. Whoever wins, will control
Earth’s destiny. Agents Kyle and Jenna must fight to keep the message safe,
while trying to discover its secret. When they do, they discover the Creator
Code. Kyle must make a decision. Should he take the ultimate step? Does he dare
become more than human? And if he does, what will it mean for all of humanity
and its future for billions of years? The Creator Code, a science fiction thriller
filled with action, suspense, and mystery.


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Large thegodfactor ebookcover

An ancient evil lays buried deep in the Superstition Mountains. For young photojournalist, Jenna Blakely, and DARPA agent, Kyle Fortnum, the terrifying discovery is only the beginning of their problems. They soon find to their horror, they hold the secret to the ultimate fate of the Earth itself. There are those who will stop at nothing to get it. For he who controls the God Factor, controls Earth’s destiny … if it still has one.

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A sealed vault in the ruins of Babylon reveals the records of Eridu, “the First City of Mankind.” There, two archaeologists discover a terrible secret and pay for this with their lives. Agents Kyle and Jenna fight to solve the riddles, strive to prevent a secret cabal from starting a nuclear war. Can the agents keep the clock from ticking down to Armageddon? Or is the Babylon Effect unstoppable?

Large 9781618686664

Was the moon always in our skies? UFO investigator Rob Shelsky doesn’t think so. 
Did the arrival of our moon trigger the rise of civilization? Did it destroy existing ones? Did it cause the Great Flood? Just who brought the moon to us and why? And did they invade our world as well? 
Shelsky supplies compelling evidence our moon is a recent arrival–and it was no accident!