Robots Beyond

Author(s): Lane Adamson

Robots. Intelligent machines, usually bearing at least some resemblance to humans, performing the routine drudgeries of life and freeing mankind for the pursuit of nobler goals. Karel Čapek conceived the term. Isaac Asimov codified their behavior, then spent the next fifty-plus years figuring out ways to get around his rules. Phillip K. Dick humanized them, chillingly. George Lucas and James Cameron, for good or ill, made them pop culture icons. Within these pages, you'll meet robots both familiar and fantastic, from the submicroscopic to large, carnivorous machines. Robots discovering their own humanity... and Man's inhumanity. Subversive inversions of genre that will leave the reader pondering the metaphysics of robotics. What if? There's a lot to answer for in those two little words. Look inside, and see what you discover.

Large times of trouble


It’s funny how second chances usually wind up being just another opportunity to make the same mistakes, though.

The authors represented in the collection you now hold were tasked to create grim and gritty tales of time travel gone horribly wrong.

They have done so, in some wildly varied ways.

There are stories of rare and exceptional beauty; stories of dark, otherworldly horror; stories of white-knuckle thrills and even some that will make you laugh out loud.