Raft People 2: Floaters

Author(s): M.L. Katz

The U.S. Navy conscripted Andrew Green before he ever got to join his family as they set out to become Raft People in order to survive the Big Flood. After the Big Flood, his old city of Houston lies under the new Sea of Mexico, but at least Andrew knows that his siblings, Liz and Mark, have been safely settled in Colorado. He is a little disturbed by the fact that Dr. Pham punched Captain Marx in the nose at a book-signing in Dallas, and Rabbi Gerson had to run down in the middle of the night to bail him out.

Ensign Andrew Green is still far from Texas or Colorado as he patrols the Sea of Mexico over what used to be most of Florida. During this time, he works long hours to do his duty and retreats inside his head to relieve his loneliness and imagine a world that should have been. 

Then his group gets called to deliver supplies to the floating city of New Miami. Andrew meets a lovely young “floater” woman named Clara, but she's got secrets that can threaten Andrew's career and even his life. 

Floaters aren't the same as Raft People. They are the ones who did not even try to make it back to shore after the Big Flood. But the government has a use for them to keep the old international boundaries intact, and it seems as if they die, they can be replaced. 

Now a storm threatens the floating city of New Miami. Mysteriously, the Sun Princess, an aging and previously retired cruise ship, is the only craft the Navy can spare to rescue the “floaters” of New Miami. 

Andrew, recruited and promoted too young, feels like a kid in a sailor suit as the crew tries to beat the storm and rescue anybody they can. Still, he can't help thinking of Clara. But is this a good time to fall in love with a woman who may have almost ruined his career and even risked his life?


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