Delusions of the Dead

Author(s): TC Armstrong

Swarm intelligence, observed in ant colonies and beehives, was found in its most dangerous form at the microbial level–and it was this collective intelligence that brought on the apocalypse. 

Only ten people made it out of the Mclean High School Refugee Center alive. They enjoy their celebrity status–until they discover they have been infected with the same parasites that reanimate the dead. Soon they find themselves on the run, hunted by the very institution that saved them from the apocalypse. They continue to fight external forces while struggling against the commands from the parasites in their brains: Scratch. Bite. Kill. Repeat.

Large notesfromanecrophobe

“This is not an apocalypse, it’s an adjustment. There is still electricity. There is still the internet. There is still order. We will adapt and we will survive.” – U.S. government 

After twenty years of toil a team of Russian researchers drilled through nearly four kilometers of ice and reached Lake Vostok, a body of fresh water 100 miles long and 50 miles wide. Their efforts released the microorganisms entombed inside, something that nature managed to keep...