Dead Tide Surge (Book 3)

Author(s): Stephen A. North

Is Anyone Safe In This New World of Consumerism?

The group including the cop, Talaski, and the firefighter, Mills is stranded on the old fishing pier that once was the Skyway Bridge. To the northeast, Bronte's followers fight to the death for Tanglewood Island. Further inland the soldier, Jacobs befriends a group of kids and finds them a haven at a small walled house they aptly dub the Alamo. Meanwhile, President Foster's wife, Julie, convinces a group of soldiers to take her back to her husband. Find out, too, what trouble Dead-Eye Johnny jumped into when he leapt off the Skyway and fell onto a cruise ship! Others like Trish and Natalie face terrible odds on their own. Behind all of it is a shadowy corporation, a runaway scientist and a cut-throat mobster all determined to secure what is best for themselves! 
Humanity is in its death throes and still the survivors of the apocalypse struggle with and embrace friendship, love, lust, envy, hate, rage and cruelty beyond measure. The grueling task of finding a safe haven and securing supplies is far more difficult than it should be simply due to human nature. For the privileged, protected elite that task has been a burden shouldered by others as they wait in bunkers, or take the sun on the decks of yachts. The average survivor does what he or she has to, or what they can live with to survive. 
Until now.
Witness the best and the worst that humanity has to offer as the dead tide surges, and what is left of civilization sinks into a morass of madness.

“A fast-paced continuation in the fight to survive."
- Suzanne Robb, author of the Z-Boat series.


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Nick Talaski is a hard-bitten, angry cop. Graham is a newly divorced cab driver. Bronte is a Gulf War veteran hunting his brother’s killer. Janicea is a woman consumed by unflinching hate. Trish is a gentleman’s club dancer. Morgan is a morgue janitor.


The dead have risen and the citizens of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park are trapped. The survivors are scattered, and options are few. And not all monsters are...

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The progression of the virus was too rapid to be contained. 
There would be no cease-fire, or thought of peace talks. The President of the United States strategizes over his few last moves, recalling the troops still overseas, and cowers in his bunker, hoping for a miracle to save his country and his family. 

Meanwhile, the drama plays out for those who still survive… trapped on the Pinellas County Peninsula on Florida's West Coast....

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There is just a thin veneer of civilization that masks the savagery that lies within us all. 

Military policeman has Alexander Cray built his life around a code that gave value to a promise and meaning to a commitment. Then the rumors start that the whole earth is under siege. Is it an alien invasion or terrorist attacks?  Is MacDill Air Force Base near Tampa, Florida now just a glowing crater? 

All that is sure is that Tampa is quarantined and Cray is led on a trek across a...

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2099 A.D. With billions around the globe jobless, a spiraling crime rate, and an unquenchable demand for offworld human labor and soldiers, Earth’s rulers implement voluntary and forced transportation to other planets.  Among those compelled to go offworld are criminals and the unemployed.  Serve your sentence and maybe you will get the coveted “Second Chance at Life the Way It Should Be.”

Condemned killer Mace Christopher is just another piece of human flotsam...